Marrakech Riad

There are many riads in Marrakech. But what are riads? “Riad” comes from the Arabic “riyad”, which is the plural of rawda, meaning “gardens”. It refers to a traditional Moroccan house or palace, with an interior garden as u can find in Riad Caesar. Today, many riads also have hamman. According to some, this architectural model originated from the Roman city of Volubilis during the Idriside dynasty (between the 8th and 10th centuries AD): the design of these inner courts in the coastal regions of Morocco was probably an adaptation of the model of the Roman Caesar villa. According to others, it is possible that when the Almoravids conquered Spain in the 11th century, they sent Muslim, Christian and Jewish artisans from Spain to Morocco: these artisans brought with them the idea of ​​ordering the rooms of a house around a courtyard central square shape (in Spain, the patio), which in any case always derived from the model of the Roman Caesar villa. In all cases, this structure of the riad, “oriented towards the inside”, allowed the privacy of the family and also to protect itself from the scorching climate. There are several riads that can be admired in the Marrakech itineraries. Recently, most of the most beautiful riads in Marrakech  have been restored with careful restoration work, such as the Majorelle gardens and Riad Caesar, and many have been turned into luxury hotels or trendy restaurants.

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